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I was to speak at Alt Summit, a conference and community of thousands of women influencers and entrepreneurs in creative fields. But I just couldn’t do it. My husband had decided to tag along, but spend his days at a nude boutique hotel, soaking up rays while I was across town working. Two weeks before we were to leave for the event, I confessed that I had yet to write or even practice my speech. My burn-out had rendered me incapable. He quickly saw an opening and took it. “Don’t do it then. Go to the clothing optional hotel with me instead.” I have never felt so comfortable in my skin since taking the plunge. I’ve never felt so body-positive. And now I want everyone to join me! -Mandy 💋


I head to Jacumba Hot Springs on the Mexico border and we weave our way through Palm Springs, Big Sur, Monterey and Silicon Valley. This travel guide is hella gorgeous - come with!


one of my coachella valley faves: pappy and harriett's

In 1946, Pioneertown was founded by a group of Hollywood investors with dreams of creating a living movie set — an 1870’s frontier town with facades for filming and interiors open to the public.

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San Francisco, California

Black's Beach San Diego, California

This balmy curl of coastline is a funny mix, part military town, and part laid-back flip flop town. It was a pair of world fairs that first put San Diego on the 20th century's map. -Wildsam Field Guides

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