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KOA's are A-OK!


KOA's are A-OK!
Jeremy and I have been working on a docuseries about Nudism, Naturism + Mental Health. This is how we decided to do a Road Trip to Thermopolis, Wyoming (from the Seattle area) because if we're gonna do anything we're gonna do it right.
And Thermopolis delivered.
We decided that along this hot springs journey we would stay at KOA's and let me tell you: I was impressed. Impeccable service! Jeremy couldn't stop writing Trip Advisor reviews. 
(He told me that the times I took the wheel that's what he was in the passenger seat doing. He's like some Trip Advisor rockstar by now I'm sure.)
I think most of you have figured out by now that I'm a total snob so when I say KOA's are up to my standards you can be assured they'll be up to yours. 
10/10. Would recommend.

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Where to Get Nude in San Fran! ⛱

This week we take you through the Redwoods and to two San Francisco Nude Beaches.

Because we went over the holidays and in the winter there were actually many clothed tourists at both Marshall and Baker Beach. We are told that is very NOT typical. But, it explains all the clothing we have on.


Courtesy of Thrillist Magazine:

Marshall Beach

Level of Nudity:The Full Monty

What You’ll See: Marshall Beach earns the distinction of being a mainly gay nude beach and having one of the best views of the bridge, so if both of those are your thing, get on it.

The Nude Part: Apparently all of it, though in particular the driftwood/rock cabana things that some past nude sunbathers have built.



Baker Beach

Level of Nudity: Game of Thrones

What You’ll See: As the largest urban nude beach, this place attracts the largest crowds and almost a Burning Man-type atmosphere with artwork, drums, and frisbee. Disclaimer: if you act like a weirdo and just stare at...

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Collins Clothing Optional Beach Portland, Oregon

Come with me to Portland, Oregon's two nude beaches!


Collins Beach at Sauvie Island is fantastic for a first-time nudist! My new favorite place – can’t wait to go back!

Rooster Rock is awesome as well - but not as easy to get'll see in the video below


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Willamettans Clothing Optional Campground // Eugene, OR



“This Nudist Club seems to still have much of the momentum, vigor, and energy that likely once filled many of these landed clubs back in the ’60s…”

We wanted to get on the road and make this feel like a real trip; you know, the kind where you get to a certain point in your departure and think, “yeah, this sucks…my ass hurts from sitting”. You experience that moment where you’re just ready to be there already. The thing that makes arriving at your vacation destination so much sweeter when you can finally S-T-R-E-T-C-H !

Well, we think this is one of those places worth the butt-numbing drive. Since our first visit, we’ve already been back and can’t wait to get back for our next. We agree that this Nudist Club seems to still have much of the momentum, vigor, and energy that likely once filled many of these landed clubs back in the ’60s while adding some modern touches.

While it was a long drive for us,...

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Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer Hot Springs 2020 from Mandy Zelinka on Vimeo.



There’s a ton of health benefits to running around naked in nature. The part of our brain that's hyper-engaged in modern life deactivates a little when you're outside.

"Until I started finding other people on Instagram talking about the tie between going to a Hot Springs or Hiking Nude, or becoming more one with nature and disconnecting enough to start the restorative process to become whole again... because sometimes when I've had PTSD symptoms, I don't feel whole. So, it's been really cool. A couple of things. One is just feeling like I'm healing myself into finding a community of other individuals who have had traumatic experiences and connecting with them and finding ways that we can celebrate survivorship together."



This isn't some drive-up and dip place. If it were a white water rapid I'd give it a five. I almost died trying to get there I was so out...

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