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Naturist Podcast Ep. 10 // LIVE! from Palm Springs: How to throw a Safe Skinny Dipper Event


with Special Guest Skinny Dipper Club Member and our friend, Tracy.


What does diversity and inclusion really mean?

What do people look for when wanting to know if a nude space is safe for them?

What kind of language and imagery are you using that may be triggering or off-putting?

“My whole life I’ve been watching people vote on my very existence. I’ve been reading between the lines. Not taking a stance IS a stance. If you don’t say anything or make it explicitly clear that your space is open and available to everybody…that’s a stance.”
Skinny Dippers Club member

“We could talk for days when it comes to diversity and inclusion. I probably in another life may have even been someone who was like, I don’t know, a diversity and inclusion professional in some way. I’m such a nerd about it. And I, I love it. And I think that’s the thing about your community that spoke to me. You know, you proudly displayed a writing by a gay guy and you proudly display your rainbow and you have no qualms at all about letting the entire world know who you are. And with that, it just like speaks to my soul because I’m such a contrarian and I’m, anti-establishment, you’re also simultaneously giving a big, like F you to all of that!

And I just, I just love that because that’s just who I am at my core. I’m not gonna beat your door down to try to get you to like me. I’m definitely not going to beg you to be my friend. We’re not doing any of that. I am too old. I’m too grown. I’m too tired. I’m not doing it. What I will do is go over here and I’ll build my own thing. And you’ll wish you were over here in the end.”





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