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8 Day Events #8DayEvents

Because we feel old AF and we need to deal with the fun hangover longer

*plus flights are cheaper


Struggling to find a place to host our events we came up with a concept that we think satisfies everyone's needs. And to kick start our idea we're going to throw a party that lasts 8 days.

coming soon...


Take your clothes off and join us.

The fun starts here!


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Jacumba Hot Springs


I really really wanted to get answers to the De Anza story - did the woman that purchased the town of Jacumba with a handshake at an auction also buy DeAnza hot springs?

I was intrigued.

Did the DeAnza nudist park come with the sale or no?

I drove from Seattle to the Mexico border to find out.
(Yes, I was THAT intrigued.)

I emailed her and her email bounced back. I hunted her down on Instagram and DM’d her. Twice.

With no response, I drove my ass over to Jacumba Hot Springs to see if I might be able to bump into her.

Yes, it’s that kind of town. Not even a traffic light.  Bizarre, I know.

It was pretty easy to walk down Main Street and get her attention. And sure as shit, I walked over to the Jacumba hotel and she happened to be outside and came over for a quick chat.

The entire town is just...

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Road Trips 'n Skinny Dips: Left Coast Skinny Dippers Hiking and Hot Springs



Hi! I'm Mandy and my dude is Jeremy. We are Naturists, love Clothing-Optional Travel & Live like Curious 5-year-olds on the Weekends.

I have never felt so comfortable in my skin since taking the plunge into naturism I’ve never felt so body-positive. And now I want everyone to join me.

Thank you for being here!

XO, Mandy Z.


  *p.s. click on the postcards!







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Road Trips 'n Skinny Dips: Willamettans Eugene, OR

I've been to the Willamettans twice now which is why I was able to book during Covid for Members Only. I also threw down $60 but to stay in the Ambassador Cabin instead of camping which I highly recommend if you are a single traveler. There's nothing worse than going on vacation only to lug camp cooking gear with you for a short stay.










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How we Packed for Palm Springs


 With Pools, palm trees and dry desert air that guarantees good hair, it's hard not to feel hipper, prettier and younger in Palm Springs.


-Wildsam California Travel Guides 



















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Mojave Rosa, Air B+B






"It can be a romantic escape for a couple, or it could be the perfect space for engaging with an intimate group of people on a retreat."












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